Memorable Sales Tie-Ins…


One of the most common questions we receive is “How can pool trick shots help me convey my value proposition to my target demographic?”

Here are two trick shots that clearly demonstrate how we blend your sales message into the show in order to help you achieve your trade show goals.


Blindfolded Shot                                                                                              Skyscraper Shot


Thanks to years of research and development, we have learned to master the subtle techniques that create a persuasive presentation. Through the perfect blend of psychology and mind-control, the messaging is laid out in a way the audience is in a relaxed state. This scripting is done in such a fashion the audience is unaware of how much information they are trying to assimilate.

Read What Our Clients Have To Say...

Hands Up - Back

“We contracted an independent study of 2,500 attendees.
One week after the trade show was over,
attendees had a 92% Retention Rate of Our Top Three Sales Messages.”

Heidi Bigler – Marketing Communications / Trade Shows

Out of Mouth - Big Crowd

“In my 25 years,
I have never seen a more focused or effective sales presentation.
It is by far the most valuable form of marketing I have ever experienced.”

Richard Loyd III – Industrial Psychologist

Craig Silvers – President Traxx Corp

Frank Fortner – President Iatric Systems

EMC World Case Study