Transform Your Life in Just 21 Days


 Does This Sound Familiar…


ABC News2.jpg“My New Year’s Resolution for 2017

is to accomplish the goals of 2016

which I should have finished in 2015

because I promised them in 2014

and planned them in 2013″


Achieve Your Loftiest Goals



 Our Mission

Our Vision

During our critically acclaimed I Am Transformation System, countless people have had break through moments that not only help with the goals they specifically define, but work to give them more confidence, self awareness and insight into everything in life.

Combining his unique charisma, humor, and magic; your mentor teaches you his 11 It-Ain’t-Magic Tricks™ for Goal Setting and Achievement in a way that changes your life forever.  Once armed with the knowledge, you are taking the magic out of setting and achieving your loftiest personal and professional goals.

Our Client Testimonials


 ” Wow what an eye opener.  This guy is going to change my life. and lives for a lot of people!”

–  Paul Zullo – CEO 

” I never new how simple a set of tools could be.  I have been an entrepreneur all my life and achieving goals is going to be so much easier with the tools he shared.”

– Paul Chenette – Owner AutoCare USA

“The tricks the magic was fabulous.  I loved it.  It was a much more fun seminar than the usual ones I get to go to.”

– Janet Burke – Century 21

“He was so funny.  He was so great.  I am taking home some great tools and cannot wait to buy the book and the video.”

– Samantha Paige – YouTube Sensation


Live Presentations

Job Promotion

One Hour Key Note:

Receive an overview of the critically acclaimed 21 Day I Am Transformation System™. Your one hour Key Note is entertaining and educational. Price includes travel anywhere in the United States

3 Hour I Am Seminar:  

Experience the seminar that started it all. Learn the 11 It-Ain’t-Magic Tricks™ for Goal Setting and Achievement. Once armed with the knowledge, you are taking the magic out of setting and achieving your loftiest personal and professional goals.

Customized Quarterly Training & Education Seminars: 

Energize your team with Customized Quarterly Training & Education Seminars. Each seminar teaches your team how to apply this amazing system to your corporate goals.





We provide you with all of the resources so you may learn at your own pace.  Your complete I Am Transformation System includes:

I Am Book: Paperback, e-Book:, Audion Book

Over 200 pages teaching you the 11 It-Ain’t-Magic Tricks™ for Goal Setting and Achievement


Are you a visual learner? Supplement your learning with our  DVD. Three hours of teachings from one of our Live Seminars.  Filled with humor, energy, and lots of magic.

I Am Workbook:

Track your progress. You will be amazed what you learn in just 3 weeks.

I Am Life Coaching DVD Series:

Receive daily coaching, exercises, and encouragement to stay on track.It is like having a personal life coach available to you 24 hours a day.

I Am Companion Journal:

Receive Your Own Personal Journal.  A great way to discover your own thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

It-Ain’t-Magic Trick Book Mark: 

A bookmark mark that seems like magic, but It Ain’t.



 The It Ain’t Magic Seminar Series

Choose from three different topics

21 Day I Am Transformation System
Goal Setting and Achievement

Today you gain:

  • In depth knowledge of how to achieve your most challenging goals–both business and personal.
  • A specific skill set that draws on your innermost strengths to attain more of life’s abundance.
  • Memorable imagery techniques that tap into your innate ability to create real learning and retention.
  • Measurable, repeatable tricks that seem like magic and will change your life forever.
  • The inner confidence to experience at the deepest levels that you, too, can do it!

So, is to achieve your personal and professional goals Magic? Today, you will learn “It Ain’t Magic”– because nothing motivates like success.

Seminar Overview

When witnessing the accomplishments of Anthony Riniti, the thought that goes through your mind is, “the man is a magician.” Well, he really is a magician, and magicians know there is no magic in magic.

There is no mystery, if you know what to do. And Anthony instinctively knew what to do. From the time he was a teenager, he was already able to motivate himself with a serious plan for success. If a musical savant can play by ear, Anton could plan that way.

It is said that nothing succeeds like success, Anton showed us that nothing can motivate like success.

But it takes a plan. A plan he knew how to create, and implement to top results.

As opposed to those with ideas and potential, Anthony could make it happen. He had the tools to open himself up to bigger challenges. Take higher aim. To harness what for most would be a random thought and turn it into a result beyond anyone else’s expectations.

He was a man with a plan. A plan that even he did not recognize. A plan so specific and so repeatable that he hit the mark many times at things that most of us would not even attempt, let alone achieve.

But he did not know how to articulate his plan, how to share it with others. How to inspire others to accomplish great things for themselves. And this was something he wanted to do. Which took him to a mentor, a mentor who would help him identify and describe what exactly he did to get those results. That is where Joan Binder came to be a part of his plan.

Joan Binder, MEd has, of course, achieved much in life herself. She has taught, trained, motivated, mentored and was a professional counselor. Since 1996, she has been the owner and CEO of Binder Resources, Inc. a successful boutique recruiting firm. She is currently founding partner in It Ain’t Magic, Inc. and a motivational speaker/educator as well.

But this story is not about her. It is about how she identified, articulated, wrote about and created the 11 It-Ain’t-Magic Tricks ©2009 in order to bring– to you– what Anthony knew innately:

  • In-depth knowledge of what it takes to achieve your most challenging goals in business and in life. Those goals that place you a cut above the competition
    every single time.
  • A specific take-away skill set that will stay with you to draw on your inner most strength; to up your odds of winning more than your “fair share” of life’s first
  • Memorable imagery to create true learning and retention so that you have an apparently innate ability to set and achieve the most remarkable goals in life.
  • Measurable, repeatable and transferable tricks that seem like magic; and that will change your life forever.
  • The inner confidence to know at the deepest levels that you, too, can do it!

Put these two in front of your team and they will share the skills through media, magic and mesmerization that make for a memorable training session that everyone will want to attend!

Is It Magic?..

In 1981, a 12 year old boy decides that he is going to become a bodybuilding champion. He writes a contract with himself and, by 1987, wins the Natural Nationals. What did he do? How did he do it?  Was it Magic?

In 1989, a college student is captivated by pool. He decides to become a trick shot champion. 7 years later he wins the US Trick Shot Championships.  And more astonishing than that, the very next year he wins it again. What did he do?  How did he do it?  Was this Magic, too?

In 1995, a man decides to quit his corporate job and follow his dream of being a magician.  Against his family’s wishes he takes a leap of faith and, by 2005, has his 2nd nomination as Magic Castle Bar Magician of the Year. How did he do it?  He is a Magician. Maybe, this is magic!

A young husband decides to take his home business to the corporate level.  He develops an act going against the traditional mold and becomes the number one, trade show traffic builder in the country. Could this be magic, too?

Finally, a middle-aged family man takes up hydrofoiling, an extreme version of water skiing.  With no prior skills, he sets his mind to become a champion. After four years of bone-crushing crashes, in his first competition, he wins the National Hydrofoiling Championships. This must be magic!

These individuals share common ground. Not only did they repeat the same process that you are about to learn, but more importantly, they are one and the same person, Anthony Riniti, professionally known as Chef Anton.


Why Your “I Am Transformation System” Works

Everybody learns differently.  As your mentor, it is my responsibility to ensure all the different learning styles are addressed to maximize your retention.  The reason I can consistently deliver these results for my students is my understanding of the 7 Styles of Learning as identified in the Blue Mango Learning Systems.

The 7 Styles of Learning are:

Logical (Mathematical)                       You thrive using logic, reasoning, and systems.  You must know “the why.”

       Visual (Spatial):                      You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. 

      Aural (Auditory-Musical)         You use sound, rhyme, and music in your learning.

      Verbal (Linguistic)                   You learn through the use of words, both in speech and writing.

      Solitary (Intrapersonal)                       You retain the most when you work alone and utilize self-awareness skills.

      Social (Interpersonal)              You like to learn in groups or with other people.

      Physical (Kinesthetic)              Your prefer to use your body, hands, and sense of touch.


As you go through my proven system, each style of learning is addressed and cultivated.  Regardless if you are logic based or prefer visual learning; your I Am Transformation System is flooded with various techniques and aids to help you gain the knowledge in a meaningful manner and impactful manner.

Let’s take a closer look at how your I Am Transformation System works.


How Your “I Am Transformation System” Works

During your 21 day transformation, each day your 30 – 45 minutes sessions are filled with various learning tools.  Any one tool by itself does not gain you the desired result.  It is the combination of all the learning tools which has the synergetic effect.  The sum of the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Once you have allotted your time and found a quiet place to maximize learning and retention, start with your Life Coaching DVD Series.  It is conveniently broken down into 21 days.  Treat each day as a separate goal.  Accomplish each step in the process to your best ability.  As you are learning in the seminar, by ensuring each step in the process meets the highest quality standards then when you are finished the “end result” is guaranteed to deliver the “best result.”

And most importantly, reward each daily success with a treat for yourself.  Whether it is a cup of coffee, your favorite dessert, or a walk outside in the fresh air, you need to reward the behavior of completing your daily tasks.

Your daily activities include:

  • Watching one trick from your I Am Life Coaching DVD Series.
  • Reading one chapter from your I Am Book.
  • Writing answers to the questions in your I Am Workbook.
  • Completing various drills and exercises in your I Am Workbook.
  • Teaching the one trick to three people in your inner circle.
  • Analyzing the results of your teaching.


Notice each of your daily activities is designed to utilize a different learning style.  By performing these tasks, you are assured to gain knowledge on a level which is meaningful and insightful to you.  And, you are retaining the information on a deep level.  Proof of your understanding is your ability to teach those who you chose to be in your inner circle.

The results you are achieving with your I Am Transformation System are so powerful; your friends will think you must be a magician.  But as you know, setting and achieving your goals “Ain’t Magic” because Nothing Motivates Like Success.


Meet the Professionals

DSC_6747Anthony Riniti (Chef Anton)

Hello my name is Anthony Riniti, professionally known as Chef Anton in the worlds of pool, magic, and trade show sales. In my lifetime, I have accomplished many personal and professional goals:

  • Natural Nationals Bodybuilding Champion
  • 2-Time U.S. Trick Shot Champion of Pool
  • Ranked #1 Trade Show Sales Entertainer
  • Nominated Magic Castle Magician of the Year
  • National Hydrofoiling Champion
  • City of Canyon Lake Golf Champion

I have reached levels few have ever achieved in numerous unrelated activities.  While I don’t have an innate ability for any of those activities, I do have a natural born talent.  My gift is the ability to set and achieve long term goals.  And now I am giving that gift to you.

It is your desire to acquire the skills enabling you to achieve your most challenging goals.  It is my desire for you to be able to reach your goals.  May we reach our goals together because after all, It Ain’t Magic – because nothing motivates like success


Quite naturally, I have developed a formula for setting and attaining these goals. This methodology has stood the test of time as well as the test of diversity. With the help of my mentor and business partner Joan Binder, I can now fulfill my desire to share these insights we named the 11 It-Ain’t-Magic Tricks, with the world.



Let me introduce myself, I am Joan Binder, I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and I have had careers as a teacher, a counselor/consultant, and executive recruiter.  I also was a CDE (a Certified Diabetes Educator, one of the highest credentials in diabetes education and treatment) who worked with individuals that were learning to cope with diabetes. Diabetes is a counter intuitive disorder where dietary rules and exercise rules may be stood on their heads when combined with the variety of medications used to treat this complex disorder. — many of my clients felt helpless, frightened and victimized. I had to motivate them, cheerlead them on to handle this very difficult challenge.

Not only have I taught motivation to these types of clients and others but, personally, I have achieved, through the techniques we will share in this manual, most of the usual things people want in life.  I have a great marriage, raised two sons who are fine people, have four terrific grandchildren and a beautiful home. In 1996, I successfully launched and help to run a highly regarded, boutique executive recruiting firm, Binder Resources, Inc.  I also have successfully invested in real estate, travelled extensively, gained an advanced degree, and even reinvented myself and my career many times over to accommodate marital, family and economic demands and always came out with a new and improved model of myself.

Perhaps my most challenging accomplishment is maintaining a vital healthy body, in spite of inheriting some genes that promote morbid obesity, diabetes, heart disease and early aging and death. I have even been given diagnoses of dire conditions that I was able to reverse or prove invalid!

Over the years, no matter what my title, I am always a teacher and a counselor. That’s just who I am.  I have never lost my ability to cheerlead and mentor the people in my life!  It is my joy and my delight to see people blossom and grow from my unique ability to share the right words, the right ideas, or the right timing.  These skills have also been a tremendous asset in the world of business.


In short, I am generally one of those people that others turn to for mentoring because of how well I manage life in general.  People say that I do the ordinary things in life in an extraordinary manner and here I will teach you those skills, so that you may do the same.

It Ain’t Magic Seminar
Unfair Advantage:  The Anatomy of a Con Game



Anyone can be had, but a ‘sucker’ isn’t just anyone.  A sucker will bet you twenty bucks that he can’t be had, and there’s a sucker born every minute.  To the untrained eye, street cons like Three Card Monte, the Shell Game, and Fast and Loose seem like simple games of chance.  If you know which card is the queen , you win.  If you know which shell hides the pea, you win.  If you know which loop holds fast, you win.  Everyone knows that these games depend on skill at sleight-of-hand, but they do not understand the true nature of the game, in which sleight-of-hand plays a very small part.


The real secret to these ancient swindles is not about what the victim knows, but what he doesn’t know – about himself, his situation, and the way the world works.  This documentary will take you on a fascinating journey into a world of mystery and deceit, and will demonstrate for the viewers how easily we can all be taken in by these masters of manipulation.


Sam the Bouncer CoverA street con is a fully scripted performance in which a half dozen well-trained ‘actors’ each do their part to place the victim in an unreal but believable situation in which every step in his thinking and decision making is manipulated and controlled until he is willing, and in fact, determined to wager everything he has on what he believes in a sure thing.

Through the prudent use of re-creations, complemented by illustrations, paintings, and photos, we will delve into the forgotten history of these swindles – and the colorful and brilliant characters who created them.  These were men such as kindly ol’ Doc Bennett – Napolean of the Thimbe Riggers’ – who trimmed the suckers with a tiny scrap of paper; Canada Bill Jones – the slickest ‘rube’ that ever was; hard-headed George Devol who never lost a fight and never gave up a purse; ladies man ‘Lucky Bill’ Thornton who, in 1850’s San Francisco, took in $24,000 with the shell game in less than two months time; and the incredible ‘Soapy’ Smith, who ran Denver and the rich mining towns of Creede, Colorado, and Skagway, Alaska with his gang of over a hundred conmen.  These fabulous hustlers made fortunes on the steamboats, trains, and street corners of nineteenth century America, and in the process helped create a point of view which has shaped how all Americans look at business and ethics today.  We’ll look at how the ‘ministers of mistrust’ viewed their work, lifestyles, and victims.


We will demonstrate how a well trained mob of conmen can take a sucker for hundreds – even thousands – of dollars in less than seven minutes , and be back on the street again, operating on another victim, in less than fifteen minutes.  In fact, the viewer will experience for the first time ever, a behind-the-scenes look at how a decent, law-abiding citizen can be suddenly transformed into a greedy, reckless, and dishonest opportunist – at how conmen with a deep understanding of human nature can appeal to our lowest instincts in their attempt to turn us into victims.


It’s true you can’t cheat an honest man, but these conmen and women know how to speak to that little bit of larceny in all of us.  No one places a bet in these games unless he fells that he is morally superior to the grafter, that the grafter needs to ‘be taught a lesson,’ and that, most important, he has a secret ‘unfair advantage’ over the grafter.


All of these thoughts are illusions manufactured by the hustlers – illusions that melt into smoke the instant that a card is turned or a walnut shell is lifted.  The reality is that it is always the conman that has the ‘unfair advantage.’  Each new sucker is merely the latest unsatisfied customer for the longest running and most successful play in history.