Your Hospitality Suite…

Whether on stage or performing close-up, Chef Anton’s unique blend of daring pick-pocketing and dazzling sleight-of-hand will energize your hospitality suite. Mystified onlookers are always treated to one of the most entertaining acts in prestidigitation.  This intimate and powerful magic  solidifies your relationship with your customers while building a lasting rapport.


Just ask Minnesota Fats, Richard Pryor, and Martin Sheen if they are now believers in Anton’s wizardly ability. Each had their watch surreptitiously removed from their wrist, only to appear in a sealed envelope, inside the magician’s zippered wallet. Anton’s sleight of hand was never so miraculously received. Your guests will be talking about this evening long after the trade show is over.









“He stole my *#@% watch…twice!”

Richard Pryor










“I can’t believe he hustled me!”

Minnesota Fats

Stole Martin's Watch with Reaction - 800





“If I were president, I would make pick pocketing a capital offense.”

Martin Sheen