Your Personal Clinics…


Chef Anton offers a wide variety of personal clinics to you and your friends.  These entertaining and informative clinics will teach you secrets that have been kept for generations.  Sign up today for:

Private Pool Lesson



You will learn the pool secrets he has learned as a road player for over 25years .  Chef Anton is regarded as one of the best thinking minds in the game of pool   He will clearly explain pool instructions to you and your friends.  His 2-Hour Clinic  includes:

Choosing a Stick
The Basic Bridges
The Break
Using the Bridge Stick

The Ghost Ball Technique
The Art of Banking
Spin Techniques
Playing Shape Like a Pro

Make Your Table a Trick Shot Table

Chef Anton will come to your house and with surgeon-like precision, will mark your pool table.  These special spots will remain on your table as long as you would like and will not affect playability.  You will then be able to quickly and easily re-create all of the amazing feats of pool ball wizardry for your friends and families.

Chef Anton will teach you how to with one swing of the cue stick make six balls in six pockets.  And you will be able to do it even after Chef has disappeared.


Learn to Hustle Pool like a Pro

From 1-4 People

Chef Anton will give you a private lesson teaching you the classic Billiard Brainteasers and many of the secrets pool hustlers don’t want you to know.  This entertaining and informative 2-hour seminar will empower you.  So why should you hire Chef Anton.  Soon you will:

  • Never Pay for a Drink Again
  • Fool and Amaze Your Friends
  • Protect Yourself from those who have already hired Chef Anton!

School for Scoundrels

From 1-4 People.  Large Groups also Accepted

Learn the secrets to the classic cons, swindles, and scams.  In your two-hour private lesson, you will learn how to perform:

  • Three Shell Game
  • Three Card Monte
  • Fast and Loose

These classic games are guaranteed to fool and amaze your friends.

Private Magic Lessons

Ever wondered how those amazing magicians can perform their incredible sleights-of-hand?  Here is your opportunity to learn and be able to perform those miracles for your friends and family.

Chef Anton has twice been nominated Bar Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.. He is widely recognized as one of the greatest minds in magic.  His fun and entertaining seminar will first demonstrate the tricks for you and then teach you step-by-step how they are accomplished.


For Additional Seminars, check out our It-Ain’t-Magic Series which includes 90 minute presentations on

  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Memorization Techniques
  • Anatomy of a Con Game