Your Case Studies…


Many perspective clients have expressed apprehension of our unique form of trade show marketing, until they reap the benefits in their own booth.  Once understanding their ROI, these same clients have shared with me their findings.


X-Rite – Heidi Bigler – Marketing Communications / Trade Shows
X-Rite’s Trade’s Show Goal:

To communicate their Top Three Sales Points to the attendees.

  • Graphic Design Professionals — Solutions to assure their prints match what they see on their monitors.
  • Prepress Professionals — We have the ability to enhance advanced versatility for complex workflows
  • Printing Professionals — Guranteed faster make-ready, real time measurements and ultimate ROI.

Crowd Shot

X-Rite’s Results:

“We contracted an independent study of over 2,500 attendees and found that one week after the trade show was over, attendees had a 92% Retention Rate of Our Top Three Sales Messages.”


Bridgestone – Sire Spregle – Trade Show Coordinator
Bridgestone’s Trade Show Goal:

To introduce Bridgestone Mining Solutions and to increase the attendees’ time n the booth.


Bridgestone’s Results:

“Without Chef Anton, the average attendee stayed in our booth for 90 seconds. With Chef Anton, the average attendee stayed in our booth for 22 minutes.”


QuickScrews International Corp. – Rick Gentry – V.P. Sales & Marketing
QuickScrews’ Trade Show Goals:

Maximize their cost per qualified lead.

QuickScrews Photos 2005 036

QuickScrews’ Results:

“Our findings were that over the last 10 years, our cost per qualified lead was actually 33% less on shows that Chef Anton worked with us.”


National Gypsum – David Drummond – Manager Marketing Communications
National Gypsum’s Trade Show Goals:

Show a 50% increase in qualified leads going from 300 per day to 450 per day.


National Gypsum’s Results:

“The traffic generated by your presentations far outweighs anything we have done before. Our qualified leads increased by over 300%.  Our qualified leads increased from 300 per day to nearly 1,000 per day.”


EMC Global Education – Rod Gilbert – Market Development Manager
EMC Global Education’s Trade Show Goal:

“To teach our value proposition to the attendees and turn 25% of the leads into sales.”

EMC Global Education DSC3619 copy2

EMC Global Education’s Results:

“We had over 1000 people watch the routine and listen to our message each day. 750 Qualified leads which are being converted into sales as we speak. We packed the booth every day for every session – there is no doubt that every customer who participated left knowing about our value proposition.”