Chef Anton to appear on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us

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Chef Anton to Appear on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us


I just got the OK from the television studio to confirm that I am appearing on Penn & Teller’s Hit Television Show Fool Us which airs Wednesday Nights on the CW Network.

While I cannot tell you if I “fooled them or not” I can tell you I performed my signature shot which is a blend of a Billiard Trick Shot, Bar Bet, and Magic Trick. It is the same shot I used to hustle Minnesota Fats!!


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Jumbo Three Shell Game Performance

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IMG_1232 - For Web  Watch a great example of how Chef Anton blends a complicated message into a magic trick to make the message more memorable.

Here is a live performance from the RSA Trade Show for CyberArk -the  industry’s most comprehensive Privileged Account Security Solutions.


Crowd Reaction

Less Expensive than Your Carpet !

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Less expensive than your Carpet.  Here are some video links of our newest form of trade show marketing:  Aisle Magic

Crowd Reaction

–          Card to Sealed Envelope


–          My Favorite Card Trick


–          Vanished Finger Ring


–          Rubber Band Magic with a Message


The basic idea is I stop people in small groups .  Blow their minds with a powerful magic trick with a short message.  I then pre-qualify them for you and if they answer correctly,  I introduce them to the appropriate team member.  It is amazingly effective!




Letter of Recommendation – CoachComm

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February 10, 2015
Re: Chef Anton, Tricks of the Trade, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

As a marketing director and client of Tricks of the Trade, Inc., I am sending a letter to describe our work
with Chef Anton and Tricks of the Trade, Inc.

In my opinion, Chef brings a rare gift to events. Primarily, he is very humble and unassuming, but he has
a remarkable ability to orchestrate open and meaningful interactions with clients and potential clients.
His unassuming nature gets people intrigued but his talent more than fascinates the audience. Chef
holds them captive and then has them craving more. It’s a true treat to watch him work his magic.

We have contracted with Chef for many occasions and events and our working relationship with Chef
spans 10+ years. His methodologies and presentations are extremely engaging and he always has a
unique way to provide valuable corporate messaging and product benefits. Most importantly, Chef
conveys our messaging in a fun way that always brings huge crowds to our booth.

If you are looking for a unique way to engage attendees at a show or to provide corporate
entertainment on any level, you simply could not find a better solution than Chef Anton and Tricks of
the Trade, Inc. We love working with him and we plan to continue utilizing Chef’s amazing talents and
his ability to connect with our target audiences.



Debbie Hamby

Marketing Director
CoachComm, LLC

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Chef Anton Sets World Record for World’s Tallest Trick Shot

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This was the historic World’s Tallest Trick Shot as recognized by the World Record Academy

The shot was performed on Sunday February 5, 2012 during the Halftime Show of Superbowl XLVI

Standing over 5 feet tall, and made of 75 pool balls and 25 triangles.

For additional information, please go to for the official record as noted by The World Record Academy


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Setting up the World Record


IMG_5002 - Lightened

photo - Lightened







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IMG_5052 - Lightened and Reduced





Friday Flyer - World Record Trick Shot





photo 1

Website Introduction

Three Tips for Creating Effective Presentations

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Chef Anton’s unique approach has been tested and proven by Communication Experts.  The most effective PowerPoint presentations “are filled with images not words.”  Think of your visually stimulating trick shots as the PowerPoint while Chef Anton’s commentary ties those images to your products and sales messages.
                                instilling                          qualifying 


Three Tips for Creating Effective Presentations

Mary Harrington, University of Mississippi
Rebecca Carr, AAU Data Exchange
  1. Communications researchers have identified concepts that have substantial implications for how we can create the Most effective presentations: People learn better from visuals and narrative than from words alone. This is because the brain has separate channels for processing visual and verbal materials, resulting in a higher level of understanding. (Mayer, 2009)
  2. Communication is actually inhibited when the same words are spoken and displayed on the screen because people cannot listen and read at the same time. (Paivio, 2007)
  3. People are capable of holding only a few pieces of information in their short ‐ term memory at a time. Our job as presenters is to make the message clear, memorable, and entertaining.


  • .


Three Card Monte - Christmas 2014

Three Card Monte – Christmas 2014

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Three-card Monte Scam Artists Return to Midtown

cards1By Philip Messing and Steve Cuozzo    December 26, 2014 | 1:21am

Modal Trigger   Three-card monte scam artists return to midtown     Photo: Anne Wermiel (2)

Is this Christmas 2014 — or 1974?

A stark reminder of New York City’s bad old days appeared on the streets of Manhattan Thursday , as three-card monte dealers turned out in force on Fifth Avenue.

An army of the shady gamblers — offering both crooked card and shell games — set up between West 53rd and 56th streets, fleecing Christmas tourists like hapless rubes in an old-time movie.

“My husband is pissed!” fumed one woman, just moments after her spouse dropped $500 to a team of scammers on 56th Street off Fifth Avenue near Henri Bendel on Thursday.


Her husband, who lost several $100 wagers as part of a shell game, huffed, “It’s a waste of time!” before storming away.

He was too sheepish to demand his money back from the dealers, whose associates stood watch over their box-top game boards.

Decades ago, “three-card monte” hustlers were a frequent nuisance around Midtown. But such hustlers were sent into retirement thanks to a crackdown by the NYPD.

Modal TriggerOn Thursday, The Post spotted six crews dealing the rigged games. When a reporter got too close to one of the operators in the middle of a round of cards, his thuggish partner threw a hard elbow as a signal to get back.

When asked about the game, none of the dealers would talk. One just said that “business is good.”

Most losers walked away with their heads bowed and not even a lump of coal for their stocking.

One visitor from Washington, DC, was philosophical about losing.

“That was an interesting one,” he said, gesturing to his teenage son. “I taught him something.”


$100 - SFS

No Budget? No Booth Space? No Problem !

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In these tough economic times, every exhibitor is looking for an edge that is cost effective and develops results.

Since 1989, Tricks of the Trade, Inc has been Ranked the #1 Traffic Builder by Exhibitor Magazine and has represented more than 500 different companies in over 50 different industries.


For 2015, Tricks of the Trade, Inc is proud to announce two new show packages.

Watch Steal

Aisle Magic

       Crowd Reaction

Close-Up Magic Sales Presentation


Each of these effective forms of trade show marketing are guaranteed to:


–          Fool and Amaze the Your Prospects while Creating a Feeling of Goodwill


–          Teach Your Sales Message in an Entertaining and Memorable Fashion


–          Pre-Qualify Your Audience and Move them to Action



For more information, please follow this link to your trade show solution


We look forward to exceeding your highest expectations and building towards a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

EMC 2014

5 Tricks of the Trade to Double Your Trade Show Impact

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EMC World – 2014

1. If They Can See Me, They Will Stay

Investing in a couple of plasma screens and a videographer will be the second best investment you have made. On average, we can gather 75-100 people around a pool table. However, after the people get 5-10 rows deep, they will no longer be able to see the show. If they cannot see, they will not stay.

The solution is to mount a camera or hire a camera man who can “shoot” the show and then project it on plasma screens above the crowd. This small investment can literally double the size of your crowd because now 20-25 rows of people can see. Plasma screens or other projectors are inexpensive to rent and will make a tremendous impact on your crowds. Highly recommended.

2. If They Can Hear Me, They Will Stay

Your customized show is funny and informative. The entire show is 100% based on your company’s product benefits and sales message. Your attendees must be able to clearly hear what is being said otherwise they will not stay.

We all know that crowds draw crowds and one of the easiest ways to start a crowd is my unique combination of choreographed music and witty patter. The jokes and by-play at the beginning of the show disarms the audience and builds rapport.

It is imperative to have your speakers mounted as high as possible to ensure clear communication. We offer our PA System as a simple solution, and with a some creativity we can even blend it into your structure.

3. Pool Table on Main Aisle

Location. Location. Location. The correct placement of the pool table is critical for the success of this show. The pool table must be visible from the main aisles. If the pool table is hidden by signage or displays, the crowd may not come into the booth to see what is happening. Ideally it should be placed with one long side parallel to the main aisle or caddy corner to two main aisles.

People are always hesitant to enter into the booth. They feel safe standing on the outskirts or in the aisle. Once the show starts, I will compress the crowd and bring them into the booth. They will not do this by themselves. Once a crowd has begun to form, then additional people will come into the booth.

4. The 3 C’s: Credibility plus Celebrity equals Crowds.

If you saw some guy building a card castle, would you stop? Probably not. But if you learned he was the world’s leading expert, you would be intrigued. The same applies to pool.

Over 40 million Americans play pool at least once a week; however, few if any have ever seen a professional trick shot exhibition. You are giving them an opportunity to experience something truly unique and memorable. It is imperative to play up my credibility of being the Two-Time United States Trick Shot Champion of Pool and celebrity status of appearing on national television.

5. Scheduled Show Times

A large 4-color poster announcing the show times will help to build your customer’s anticipation. The shows will occur during the top or bottom of each hour. We will supply you with JPEGs or flyers for you to personalize with your company name, logo, and pertinent information. This is ideal for pre-show promotions as well as around the booth. With a little creativity, virtually any sales message can be tied into a creative pool cliché.


Case Study – Exhibitor Magazine – April 2014

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As seen in Exhibitor Magazine – April 2014

Live presentations have moved beyond PowerPoint and dry product pitches. See how these six exhibitors used live performers to capture attendees’ attention and communicate key messages.

Trade shows have a tendency to reduce normally level-headed professionals into a pack of 6-year-olds with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The shiny new products, bright lights, and fancy exhibitry can quickly distract attendees from what matters – your product message.

So how do you combat the sensory assault on the show floor? One way it to turn to live presentations to capture attendees’ attention and tell them about your brands’ attributes. But to make these presentations more than just staffers reciting dry PowerPoint slides verbatim, hour after hour, many exhibitors hire professional presenters and entertainers.

They can not only help drum up a crowd, but also teach attendees a thing or two about your company’s product. And although the acts vary from break dancing to card tricks, all successful performances have one thing in common. They weave the product message into a presentation, and don’t just tack it on as an afterthought.

Looking for ideas to create your own entertaining presentation? Then take a cue from these five examples that got it right.

Pool-Table Pitch

Bridgestone America Tire Operations LLC, aka Firestone enlisted Chef Anton of Tricks of the Trade, Inc to perform billiard stunts at the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY.

Chef Anton began each roughly 28-minute performance/sales pitch hybrid by clearing all the balls with a single shot and paralleling that feat to how the decreased rolling resistance and long tread life of Firestone’s tires can also knock truckers’ problems out with a single shot.

Once Anton had formed a rapport with his audience, he asked for a volunteer for his most daring stunt. While blindfolded, he shot a ball out of the attendee’s mouth, which struck a tire that rolled across the pool table and into a pocket. Those brave enough to risk their pearly whites were given a branded ball as a memento.

As a grand finale for his act, Chef created a five-foot tall stack, using 33 balls in total, and shot them all at once. And while he has performed the signature trick for other clients, this time it involved a product-centric twist. Instead of standard billiard triangles for the stack’s foundation, Anton substituted pieces of Firestone’s tire tread to demonstrate the product’s strength and durability.

Chef Anton performed his tricks every hour throughout the three-day show, and attracted upwards of 250 attendees each time. Moreover, attendees spent an average of 22 minutes in Firestone’s exhibit compared to the national average of 90 seconds.

Ultimately, Anton’s knock-out shot helped Firestone sweep its competition, too.

Exhibitor Magazine Cover

Exhibitor Magazine Introduction



Exhibitor Magazine Case Study
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