Anatomy of Your Show…


Why is Chef Anton’s unique form of trade show marketing so effective?

Because your customized sales presentation is more than a series of random trick shots.  In fact, your presentation has seven distinct phases perfectly blended with proven sales techniques, human psychology, impactful imagery and a professional delivery.

Let’s look at the Anatomy of your show.


Phase 1:  Crowd Gathering

First, Chef Anton performs his unique blend of mind-boggling close-up magic and daring pick pocketing.  This section establishes his expertise, develops credibility, and most importantly draws attendees into your booth.

Phase 2:  Engaging the Audience

Once he starts the trick shot show, it is imperative to hook the audience immediately and show them the show is fun and interesting.  The audience is then taught a series of billiard brain teasers which are shots that they can do for their friends.

These are not trick shots, but rather are puzzles that once you know the secret are quite simple.   Psychologically the audience learns your company has solutions to their problems.


Phase 3:  Opening Their Minds To Suggestion

Now that trust is established, we must open the audience’s mind for suggestions.  This is a critical part of the show as we now associate Anton’s expertise back to your company’s expertise.

The selection of trick shots all seems impossible.  The audience is challenged to open their mind to the possibility of success and your highest awards and recognitions tied to the shot they are about to see.

Phase 4:  Building Trust in Your Company

Industry experts agree, “Trust in your company is the #1 criteria for customer satisfaction.”  If your prospects do not trust your company, they will not want to do business with your company.

At this time, Anton has successfully established his credibility and your expertise in the industry.  He has built trust and confidence and now establishes that same trust with your company.


Phase 5:  Instilling Your Sales Message

This truly is the most amazing trick shot ever developed.  Anton builds a sky scraper over 6 feet tall consisting of 33 pool balls and 11 triangles.  The structure features 8 signs that include your company’s logo and message.

While the skyscraper is being built the audience experiences an in-depth sales presentation.  They learn everything from your product features and their benefits to your awards and recognition.   During this one shot, your entire message is reinforced and summarized.



Phase 6 – Qualifying Leads and Moving to Action

Anton identifies your target demographic and asks a few qualifying questions.  Through a show of hands, he gets a commitment from the qualified leads to “move to action.”

This powerful technique allows the sales representatives to identify their target demographic and clearly tells the audience what you expect of them.


Phase #7 – Your Customized Premium

Tricks of the Trade, Inc. offers a wide variety of effective trade show premiums designed to empower your prospects and make them remember you long after the trade show is over.  More than just a trade show schotzkee, your customized premium will serve as a constant reminder of your sales message and reinforce your three main points.