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5 Tricks of the Trade to Double Your Trade Show Impact

Anthony Riniti on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 Comments Off on 5 Tricks of the Trade to Double Your Trade Show Impact


EMC World – 2014

1. If They Can See Me, They Will Stay

Investing in a couple of plasma screens and a videographer will be the second best investment you have made. On average, we can gather 75-100 people around a pool table. However, after the people get 5-10 rows deep, they will no longer be able to see the show. If they cannot see, they will not stay.

The solution is to mount a camera or hire a camera man who can “shoot” the show and then project it on plasma screens above the crowd. This small investment can literally double the size of your crowd because now 20-25 rows of people can see. Plasma screens or other projectors are inexpensive to rent and will make a tremendous impact on your crowds. Highly recommended.

2. If They Can Hear Me, They Will Stay

Your customized show is funny and informative. The entire show is 100% based on your company’s product benefits and sales message. Your attendees must be able to clearly hear what is being said otherwise they will not stay.

We all know that crowds draw crowds and one of the easiest ways to start a crowd is my unique combination of choreographed music and witty patter. The jokes and by-play at the beginning of the show disarms the audience and builds rapport.

It is imperative to have your speakers mounted as high as possible to ensure clear communication. We offer our PA System as a simple solution, and with a some creativity we can even blend it into your structure.

3. Pool Table on Main Aisle

Location. Location. Location. The correct placement of the pool table is critical for the success of this show. The pool table must be visible from the main aisles. If the pool table is hidden by signage or displays, the crowd may not come into the booth to see what is happening. Ideally it should be placed with one long side parallel to the main aisle or caddy corner to two main aisles.

People are always hesitant to enter into the booth. They feel safe standing on the outskirts or in the aisle. Once the show starts, I will compress the crowd and bring them into the booth. They will not do this by themselves. Once a crowd has begun to form, then additional people will come into the booth.

4. The 3 C’s: Credibility plus Celebrity equals Crowds.

If you saw some guy building a card castle, would you stop? Probably not. But if you learned he was the world’s leading expert, you would be intrigued. The same applies to pool.

Over 40 million Americans play pool at least once a week; however, few if any have ever seen a professional trick shot exhibition. You are giving them an opportunity to experience something truly unique and memorable. It is imperative to play up my credibility of being the Two-Time United States Trick Shot Champion of Pool and celebrity status of appearing on national television.

5. Scheduled Show Times

A large 4-color poster announcing the show times will help to build your customer’s anticipation. The shows will occur during the top or bottom of each hour. We will supply you with JPEGs or flyers for you to personalize with your company name, logo, and pertinent information. This is ideal for pre-show promotions as well as around the booth. With a little creativity, virtually any sales message can be tied into a creative pool cliché.